Working with Martin Sugden, Business Development Manager at VAB, Elaine Kaye the management support officer for the customer services team, organised the team to do various tasks. These included cutting back overgrown bushes from paths, cutting trees down to make habitat piles and forming a new path along the edge of the River Don in the protected community area with other volunteers from the Springvale group.

The ESV volunteers worked really hard and moved a large amount of overgrown trees to formulate a new path for the future with a great view while walking along the riverside. Brenda Halliwell, the volunteer co-ordinator for Springvale Gardens said “It’s nice to see local support from companies and staff to supplement our regular volunteers. We are very grateful to the staff from BMBC Customer services for their hard work today and it’s made a massive difference to the Riverside improvement project”.

Elaine Kaye from BMBC Customer Services said “All the team have enjoyed the work and learned new skills along the way which is great, we will certainly come and visit this area now and watch it develop. We will definitely take part in more ESV projects in 2016 as it was a great team day.

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