The Butterfly Scheme was devised by a carer whose mother had dementia; its purpose is to improve patient safety and wellbeing in hospitals.

They are encouraging people to opt into the Butterfly Scheme before people need to come into hospital, as this will ensure that the carer’s sheet is completed and available to share with their hospital staff.

What happens when someone has opted into the scheme?

A discreet Butterfly symbol will be placed next to the patient’s name.

Is anything involved?

Carers will also be asked to fill in the carer’s sheet so that the valuable insight they have into their loved one’s care needs can be shared with the staff who are taking over that care during a hospital stay. This way, carers can really help staff to help their loved ones.

Please ask a member of staff about using this scheme. You can also contact the Hospital Dementia Support Service / Dementia Nurse Specialist on 01226 431 678 or The Alzheimer’s Society 01226 296 301.