Monday 5th Dec The Civic Assembly Room Barnsley 7:30pm

The Wife, who thinks she is posh, but really posh on a budget, has celebrated her 40th Wedding Anniversary with her suffering husband at a very high class hotel. She had met some lovely hotel guests during her weekend of celebration, who as she reports, were elegant and swanky and is relishing the thought to tell everyone she knows.

But as The Wife sleeps, she has a disturbing nightmare that her lovely hotel guests turn into unscrupulous and shifty Riff Raff. She has to mingle with these disgraceful Riff Raff and is mortified to have dreamt of such misery.  She awakes with hysteria and in great distress to never wanting to celebrate another anniversary ever again. Recommended for ages 12+

Tickets £12

For Tickets Tel: The Civic Box Office 01226 327000