Carol Bradbury reports from the April meeting of Penistone Town Council 

A member of the public raised concerns regarding Community Action Penistone campaigning to re-instate the fur and feather market. The concerns were related to cruelty and hygiene aspects of this market.

The area council meeting had brought up traffic problems around the school at Millhouse Green. Pupils had been working on a traffic survey and wanted the speed limit reduced to 20mph. This was a long- standing problem which Penistone Town Council had taken up before with BMBC.

BMBC litter budget has been cut by half and, although Barnsley Town Centre has been cleaned up, it was stated that the rest of the borough was left to gather litter. There were also complaints that residents had to keep contacting Barnsley to get litter bins emptied as they weren’t being done on a regular basis.

BMBC have upped the affordable housing percentage to 30 percent, but as we never even get near the supposedly 25 percent, no-one was holding out much hope of them reaching that target. Local people were having to move out of the area because of the lack of affordable housing.

Dozens of complaints have been received about Tate’s bus service, lateness, not turning up and just ignoring complaints. The council stated they needed to be taken to account.

Apparently, the national speed limit for HGV’s has been upped from 40mph to 50mph without any prior notification.

A second World War remembrance service organised by Joe Pinguey is to be held on May 9th.

Penistone Town council approved the following grants:

Friends of St John’s £250

Penistone Homing Society £250

Penistone Round Table (for Gala and Mayor’s Parade)  £3,500

Penistone Church Football Club £250

Hoylandswaine Village Hall Rates.

Penistone Literacy Festival, which will be held on 11th and 12th July this year is to host the Poet Laureate Caroline Duffy and Ian McMillan. It is to be held at the Community Centre.

The council complained that buses were constantly damaging the bus shelter and this would incur costs by the council as they now owned the building.

A formal application is to be made regarding a neighbourhood plan, but the council will not commit themselves until funding has been secured.

The Hartcliffe development is due to start on 27th April and HGV’s will be using Underbank Road and Hartcliffe Road to get to the site.

The council is to approach the British Heart Foundation for defibrillators as they provide them at a reduced cost. The Mayor suggested that each Penistone area should have one.