Defibrillator at Penistone Leisure Centre

Some people may have noticed a new bright yellow box in the entrance of the building which houses a defibrillator. The Centre’s first aiders are trained in how to use it, but it is also available to anybody who needs it and is close enough to get to it within a few minutes. A defibrillator [...]

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Penistone Town Council minutes Monday 16th May 2016

Councillor Paul Hand-Davies was installed as the new Mayor for 2016-2017. The outgoing Mayor, Coun. Andrew Millner was given a vote of thanks from Councillors Unsworth and Brenda Hinchliff. The new Mayor’s charities will be Weston Park Hospital and Woodhead Mountain Rescue. He also paid tribute to all the hard work volunteers had done in [...]

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Neighbourhood Development Plan Update

The Penistone NDP Steering Group met on the 5th April and the following was agreed. No more flyers or surveys will be issued whilst the local & PCC elections and the Euro Referendum are taking place as we do not want the NDP to suffer from 'flyer fatigue'. They will, however, be holding some outside [...]

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Minutes of the meeting of Penistone Town Council, Monday 21st March 2016

Elected Members reports – Penistone Library was is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary on 30th March. It was opened  50 years ago by Councillor Stanley Palmer. Coun. Unsworth reported from the Ward Alliance meeting. Penistone Centre Stage Musicals have  been granted £3,000 towards staging their shows. Councillors reported that the bus shelter has now been repaired. [...]

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People’s Projects – Thank You

The board of Directors and all the volunteers at Penistone FM would like to thank each and every one of you that voted for us & shared the message on Social Media and through friends & colleagues. We should know by Wednesday night if we have been successful and we will of course let you [...]

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Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

Penistone NDP Press Release “The  Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Steering Group met on Monday 22nd February 2016 and confirmed the 6 Project Team leaders as follows: Housing – Cllr Anita Kimberley Local Economy – Cllr Andrew Millner The Built Environment – Cllr Joe Unsworth Countryside & Green Infrastructure – Cllr Jill Hayler Energy & [...]

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