Barnsley – Dodworth – Gilroyd – Silkstone – Hoylandswaine – Silkstone Common – Oxspring – Cubley – Penistone
Services 20 – Operates between Barnsley and Cubley via Dodworth, Silkstone, Hoylandswaine and Penistone. Most journeys operate via Clarel St.
Services 21 and 21a – Service will be extended to Millhouse Green via Dodworth, Silkstone, Oxspring and Penistone. Turn via Birks Lane and Birks Avenue.
Service 22 – Coordinated with service 20 and 21 to operate every 15 mins to Dodworth. Service 22 will operate every 30 minutes due to increasing traffic congestion on Dodworth Road.

Barnsley – Penistone – Stocksbridge

New contracted services for the Barnsley – Penistone and Stocksbridge network.
Service 23 – operates Millhouse Green to Stocksbridge via Thurlstone, Penistone, Thurgoland, Wortley and Deepcar. Operated by Yorkshire Tiger.
Service 23a – provides commuter trips to/from Barnsley centre. Operated by Yorkshire Tiger.
Service 24 – operates between Barnsley and Ingbirchworth via Hood Green, Crane Moor, Thurgoland, Green Moor and Penistone. Operated by Yorkshire Tiger.
Service 24a – Evening and Sunday contracted service partially replacing current 23a journeys. Operated by TM Travel.
Service 25 – Service withdrawn.  Changes to service 29 operated by TM Travel replacing service 25. Service 29 operates Sheffield (peak only) or Chapeltown (most of day) to Penistone and off peak extended to Holmfirth via Crow Edge and Dunford Bridge.
Service 92 – Service will no longer operate between Cawthorne and Penistone.

Service 300 penistone – Millhouse Green – Thurlstone
This service will be withdrawn following operation on Saturday 28 January 2017. Alternative journeys are available via new service 23 ‘Yorkshire Tiger’.