Hogwatchers are still needed in Hedgehog Awareness Week organised by The British Hedgehog Preservation Society to address the alarming decline in their numbers.

Our local Hogwatch is carrying out a survey of hedgehogs in the area of Barnsley west of the M1

Motorway. Getting information on how many hedgehogs are living in the area and their locations is the first stage in developing a conservation plan  to restore the population to the high levels reported in the middle of the twentieth century.

Anyone interested in becoming a Hogwatcher can do so on-line at ourhogwatch.org.uk or pick up a postcard at Penistone or Dodworth Libraries and Penistone Co-Op.

Hogwatchers are asked to record the location of any hedgehogs they see this year – alive or dead.

The project also wants people to report if they have not seen any hedgehogs despite watching out for them at the end of 2015.