Elected Members reports – Penistone Library was is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary on 30th March. It was opened  50 years ago by Councillor Stanley Palmer.

Coun. Unsworth reported from the Ward Alliance meeting. Penistone Centre Stage Musicals have  been granted £3,000 towards staging their shows.

Councillors reported that the bus shelter has now been repaired. The Passenger Transport Executive were the ones who requested the squareabout but this has caused accidents. Councillors suggested a speed limit of 20mph around the bus station and Market Street to ensure safety in crossing the roads.

The bus shelter across from Wellhouse Lane is to be reinstated after that was demolished in an accident.

Chapel Lane – a letter has been sent to the council by Mr Duncan Sissions regarding the complaints over traffic lights to be instated there and various other issues. He has asked the council for support. Councillors spoke of ‘people’s lives have been ruined’ by the problems from the building site and the council should do everything they can to support these people. The council are to write to the Chief Executive at Barnsley, copying to planning and Angela Smith MP, and asking for a response and a site visit.

Yorkshire Local Council Association are organising a petition to give local councils the right to appeal planning decisions. Anyone can go on the website and register their vote,

Financial Assistance was granted to Penistone Community Arts for No Horizon

Penistone Cricket and Sports Club

Friends of the Library Service for large print books.

Grants are only allowed once a year up to £250 so any that have already applied in this financial year will be forwarded to the next financial year at the beginning of April.

The Children’s Centre has been told to cut their budget and are talking of reducing their days in the Resource Centre. Talks are ongoing.

The toilets are shortly to be tiled and should be ready by the end of April.

Development Plan. Councillors were disappointed by the numbers attending at last Saturday’s launch event, but were aware that not everyone is on social media and could have missed the date. The next meeting of the Steering Group is on 5th April in the IT room at the Community Centre at 6.30. Everyone is welcome to attend. A stall at Penistone Show was proposed.

The Council have a Casual Vacancy. There was no request for a by-election so members are able to co-opt. Anyone wishing to apply contact the Clerk, Keith Coulton at the Community Centre in the next 2 weeks.

The next meeting of the Town Council is on Monday 18th April 2016 at 7 pm in the Town Hall.