The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association attended the meeting and presented the Mayor with a £500 donation to his charities. The group chose areas with few Muslim residents to reach out to inform people that their society promoted peace.

They raised monies by making handicrafts and wooden stools etc. They also gave 10% of their monthly income to charity. A charity walk last year raised £400,000 and monies are used to build schools etc.  in Africa.

Green Road, Clarel Street, Green Road, Chapel Lane and Mortimer Road – a traffic regulation report has been put forward for restrictions around that area. Vehicles have difficulty turning left and right from Green Road due to vehicles parking too near to junction.

It was reported that motorists have been given parking tickets for reversing out of the marked bays at the side of the Spar. Councillors were shocked to hear this as no warnings had been given about this and it was discussed that reversing into a space would cause even more problems.

Persimmon homes have sent letters out to all their contractors  that they must use the  appropriately marked  roads to get to the site. There will be no potholes mended until the site is finished.

Councillor Roy Miller of Barnsley council had sent a letter stating that if individuals had any complaints they must take them up privately with the construction company. Councillor Anne Rusby was incensed by this as she stated that Barnsley had created this mess by passing a major housing estate on a country lane and it was now totally washing it’s hands of any responsibility.

Persimmon were also re-routing footpath number 43 which originally ran through the new housing estate.

There will be road closures at Sheffield Road Railway bridge from 29th February to 5th March but only from 8pm to 6am. Also there will be some temporary road closures at Haigh Lane, Hoylandswaine, down by the school.

Thanks were given to the Community Centre caretakers and Round Table for the Christmas lights. A dishwasher is to be installed in the bar room for general use.

The Development and Regeneration meeting regarding the neighbourhood plan went well. Logos, a website and grant funding have all been approved. Additional grant funding will also be available because of the building of 500 homes in Penistone. Posters and banners are to be placed at strategic points for public information.

Penistone clean and tidy project were asking for sites to be put forward by the public.

The next meeting of the Town Council will be on Monday 15th February at 7pm in the council chambers.