The Penistone NDP Steering Group met on the 5th April and the following was agreed.

No more flyers or surveys will be issued whilst the local & PCC elections and the Euro Referendum are taking place as we do not want the NDP to suffer from ‘flyer fatigue’.

They will, however, be holding some outside events in order to continue to raise the profile of the NDP and to ensure that as many people as possible are aware of the NDP process and what it means for our area. They will be arranging an information stall in Penistone Market Barn on Saturday 14th May from 9.00am – Noon and will attend the Penistone Mayors Parade & Gala on Sunday 12th June.

At these events they want to tell people about the NDP, what the process is, what it can (and can’t) achieve as well as hopefully getting some volunteer support with the process.  They need not only people’s opinions but practical help – from being part of a working group writing the elements of the NDP, to researching evidence and vital footwork such as delivering flyers & surveys as the process moves forwards.

The aim at the moment is to be able to issue an initial survey questionnaire in July/August.