Concerns were raised by the public over the dangers of crossing the roads by the one-way system. The Police had reported that this area was an accident blackspot. Councillors urged Barnsley members to press Highways for an answer to this.

Sarah Ford from Barnsley MBC Public Rights of Way attended the meeting to talk about improved access to Royd Moor Reservoir. An upgrading of public footpaths is planned to make it a public bridleway and to upgrade the access at Ingbirchworth Lane. There are also plans to improve habitat areas. Concerns were raised by councillors regarding clashes between cyclists and walkers as there is on the Pennine trail.

Margaret Unsworth of Fairtrade presented a renewal certificate to the council for the next 2 years. The Paramount has also changed to selling Fairtrade products and will also be receiving a certificate.

The BMBC precept will increase by 3.9%, which will include a 2% increase for Adult Services.

Tate’s bus company had gone into liquidation, but school buses and other servicesw had been quickly taken on by other companies.

Councillors were very disappointed by HSBC’s decision to close the branch in Penistone. A member of the council suggested asking HSBC to run internet banking sessions for customers wishing to learn how to do this. Councillor Rusby expressed her anger that customers were expected to travel to Barnsley, pay bus fares and parking fees just to use the bank.

The Paramount lease has been extended to 2029. There will be a slight increase in admission fees to the cinema. There is to be a feasibility study to find out how the Town Hall can be used.

Penistone Scout Group were awarded a £250. The Somme Centenary commemorations were also granted £250. Councillor Hand-Davies and the Barnsley Mayor are to attend the actual ceremony in France.

Steve Marsh gave an update on the public toilet, which has been badly hit by a bus, which has cracked the ceiling and caused structural damage to the building. It has been hit 3 times in the last 6 months. Discussions are to be held as to whether bollards or some sort of paving should be put in place to prevent this.

Neighbourhood Development Plan – A meeting is to be held by the Steering Group for discussions about feedback with BMBC planning officers. They have a grant of £7,000 and the Group are to apply to the National Lottery for further funding as a plan will cost between £15-£20,000. The website is up and running and contact can also be made via Facebook and Twitter. The public are urged to get involve and leave comments.

The council accepted the resignation of Councillor Denton who due to other projects has been been unable to attend meetings.

The next meeting of the Town Council is on Monday 20th March at 7 pm.

The Mayor is holding a charity night at the Cinammon Spice in Penistone on Sunday 20th March at 6.30, £15 per person.