When King Richard goes off to fight the evil Saracens, he leaves his two children with his brother, the Sheriff of Nottingham, for safekeeping.  The Sheriff enlists the help of Nurse Phillipa Bedpan to look after them at the Castle. When he realises he will inherit his brother’s fortune should the Babes die, he hatches an evil plan to get rid of them. He tricks two simpletons, Cod & Piece to do the deed and they take the Babes deep into heart of the forest.

The outlaw Robin Hood hears of this wrong-doing and with the help of Maid Marian and his band of Merry Men (Friar Tuck, Little John, and Will Scarlett), he thwarts the plan and takes the children into hiding.

Will the Sheriff of Nottingham do away with the Sherwood do-gooders, marry Maid Marian for himself and commit the townsfolk to a life of tyranny and extortion? You’ll need to go along and find out for yourself!

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