Tour de Yorkshire. – Matthew Mitchell, the events manager from Barnsley Council attended the meeting to present information.

The event is on Sunday 30th April 2017 and the race will come from Kirklees through Carlecoates and Hazlehead, Millhouse, Thurlstone and through Penistone Town Centre down to Springvale and Oxspring, arriving in Penistone Centre between 2.30 and 3.30 pm, finishing at Fox Valley at approximately 5.30. p.m. As it is a bank holiday weekend it is expected the event will be very busy.

THE Tour de Yorkshire colours are to be pale blue and pale yellow. Unfortunately the words Tour de Yorkshire cannot be used for marketing due to TV rights. The race will be live on one of the ITV channels and fully broadcast on Eurosport. The day will be the final day of the 3 leg route.

Councillors asked about the state of the roads on some of the route. Matthew stated that there will be some repairs and resurfacing but details were not decided at present. Residents will be receiving a letter in the new year regarding road closures and restrictive parking. BMBC will offer alternative parking sites such as the council depot at Springvale as the organisers want a clear run through for riders. There will also be road closures at Underbank, Thurgoland Bank , Mortimer Road and the main road through Penistone, however theses closures will only be for a limited time of about 2 hours.

There will be street dressing and promotions and bunting will be provided free of charge.

Organisers are hosting an amateur SPORTIF event of 5,000 cyclists on the day across 3 roads which will start and finish in Penistone. This will start at 6 a.m. before the main event. There is to be 3 lengths, 23m of which 50% of entrants will take part, 50m, of which 30% will take part and 70m for the other 20%. Anyone wishing to take part need to register on the’ Welcome to Yorkshire’ website. It is being run by a company called ‘ Human Race’.

Penistone Town Council intend to organise bands and choirs along the route.

This is a particularly gruelling race and it is expected that some of the professionals will perhaps struggle to finish.

On 7th February 2017 there will be a Tour de Yorkshire roadshow at Cubley Hall.

A member of the public asked about the lack of retail outlets in Penistone and whether  the Category B status could be taken off the new developments to enable retail outlets to occupy the offices. Coun. Millner replied that as European money was used to build the offices they stated the category to be used. However, after a certain number of years the owners can apply to change the status and he promised to look into this.

Some 106 monies from recent developments in the area are to be used for extensions to St John’s junior school. Councillors expressed concerns over parking.

Complaints have been received over the signage on the Ecig shop in the High Street. This is being addressed.

There was much discussion and confusion over the new permits to use the dump-it site at Springvale. In future only residents of BMBC will be eligible to use the site, Restrictions will bee put on 4×4 with pickup,small vans, transits, minibuses and camper vans, which will only be allowed in 12 times a year. Councillors promised to look into this matter as it was not clear how all this would work.

Green Road Flooding – Residents are very concerned about the recent flooding. This was in part due to culverts being clogged up. There is to be a site visit on 4th January at 10 am. A computer controlled system is to be used to flog up flashpoints but the Mayor urged everyone to be vigilant and report any problems.

Coun. Brenda Hinchliffe reported that the squareabout needs signs replacing on the road as they are becoming worn.

Green Road Junction – there have been 10 objections regarding the yellow lines but the work should be done early in the new year.

Millhouse  Male Voice Choir celebrate its 50th anniversary in April 2017 and a concert is planned at the Paramount with Brighouse and Rastrick band.

Neighbourhood Development Plan – the plan is near  completion and will be sent to BMBC for comments, then to the Statutory Agency and should be presented to the Town Council in February and public consultation in March. Grants have been paid back and the plan should be ready next year.

Joe Pinguey  plans to commemorate the Centenary of the Battles of Passchendale and Ypres in 2017. The council pledged their support to this.

A Christmas lunch for people on their own is to be held  in the Community Centre on Christmas Day. This is being organised by Bumping Spaces , supported by Tesco.

The next meeting of the Town Council is on 23rd January 2017 in the Town Hall.