PUBLIC CONSULTATION – The yellow lines around Green Road/Mortimer Road were brought up again. Elected members keep assuring  the council that monies are in place and legalities are holding this up. Members of the public doubted this would ever happen.

RE.Development at Hartcliff Road – HGV’S are not using the correct routes, are arriving and parking early and starting work before the allots 8a.m. start time. This is happening but no response has been received from complaints to Barnsley Council.

Councillors expressed their dismay that these estates are being built with no consideration for the needs of local people regarding access, roads etc.

The Hartcliff estate was deemed dangerous for young families as the Chapel Lane road was narrow with a bad bend and had no pavements for pushchairs . The highways situation around that area was scandalous.

A casual vacancy on the council had two applicants. Jan Stanley from Community Action Penistone was appointed to the post.

After enquiries were made regarding the road up to Tesco, councillors had been informed that this road was already named as Market Lane.

Councillor Hand-Davies reiterated his concerns regarding the lack of affordable housing in Penistone. The only housing being built are 4 bedroomed homes and Barnsley Council always promise the affordable homes will be built in other developments but this never happens.

Planning applications by developers are always up for approval as the council does not want to incur costs should they turn these applications down and the planners take them to appeals.

The Paramount lease is still awaiting reports on the building. The committee is looking for grants.

The public toilets are to be completed by the end of October.

Neighbourhood Plan – The Steering Group is to meet on 31st October when the draft plan will be ready to present to the council at the next meeting in November. Work is undergoing to update the website. There was disappointment that the website had not been visited by as many people as hoped for.

Armed Forces Day – It was hoped that this event will lead to bigger things and that eventually the national event will be held in Penistone itself.

It is to be decided at a council meeting who will be given the award of Honorary Freeman of the Town.

The Mayor reminded everyone that Remembrance day is coming up. There will be a service on the actual day outside the cenotaph at 11a.m. on the 11th November and the church service will be on 13th November.

Next meeting of the Town Council is on 21st November at 7 p.m. in the Council Chamber.