Penistone Station Wildflower Reserve Volunteer Day

Saturday, 4th February 10.00am- 4.00pm At the new Penistone Station wildflower nature reserve The last of the young trees and scrub that were to be felled have now been felled by Barnsley Council’s Countryside Rangers acting for Penistone Area Council’s Clean and Tidy’ initiative, and it’s time to turn all the cut woody material into [...]

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Guided Walk on Wharncliffe Heathland Nature Reserve

Sunday 15th May at Starting at 11.00am finish at 3.00pm The walk will be led by trustees of the Wharncliffe Heathlands Trust who will explain the plan behind the management of the reserve.  There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and see some of the wildlife the reserves is known for,such as tree [...]

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Wharncliffe Heath Local Nature Reserve – Find Out What’s Happening And Why

What connects birch bashing, Shetland sheep and nightjars? The answer is the Management on Wharncliffe Heathlands Local Nature Reserve. Find out more about how the reserve is managed on a guided tour on Sunday afternoon 10th May.  Meet at the River Don bridge on Station Road, Deepcar (post code S36 2SQ) at 2.00pm if you [...]

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