Keeping warm in winter is a serious issue: every seven minutes one older person dies due to living in a cold home, and many others become seriously ill.

Research suggests that there is a general lack of awareness when it comes to the risks that cold weather can have on the health of older people.

There are also many misconceptions about keeping warm which can have a negative impact on health. Many people wrongly believe that winter deaths are caused by hypothermia.  The truth, however, is that being cold thickens the blood and increases blood pressure which increases the risk of chest infections, heart attacks and strokes.

Age UK Barnsley is working alongside the Met Office to receive Cold Weather Alerts. The alerts give an early warning of any potentially dangerous cold weather, so that older people can prepare themselves and keep warm.

To learn more about this campaign and how to keep warm this winter, contact Age UK Barnsley on 01226 776820 or email [email protected]