Penistone FM can tailor a cost-effective advertising package to suit the needs and requirements of your business, helping you to get your message out to new and existing customers. Contact us today for an informal, no-pressure chat about your needs and options.

Below is a summary of the advertising packages that Penistone FM offers. For pricing and full details, please call Penistone FM on 01226 764646. All advertising on Penistone FM is subject to our Advertiser Terms and Conditions.

Commercial Advertising Package

A professionally produced thirty-second advert broadcast several times per day for maximum repetition without saturation. We can broadcast your advertisement once a day or as much as ten times a day, but remember that familiarity is key: the more times you play the ad, the more people will hear it and the better chance you have that it will draw someone in to buy your product or service. This package is usually available in one, three, six or twelve month campaigns, but again we can always be flexible. The longer your ad runs, the cheaper it will cost per ad.

Sponsorship Advertising Package

Sponsorship is an effective way to build your brand and raise awareness of your business. Our twelve-month Sponsorship Advertising Package offers a number of unique opportunities to get your message heard on Penistone FM:

  • End of the Hour Time Sponsorship (24 times a day)
  • Start of Hour Sponsorship (24 times a day)
  • Weather Sponsorship (18 times a day)
  • Community News Sponsorship (18 times a day)
  • Just The Job Sponsorship (10 times a day)
  • Rewind Hour sponsorship (4 repeats a day)
  • Individual Show sponsorship (twice every hour of the show)

Website Advertising Package receives over 13000 visits per month (32% of which are unique). You can reach this online audience by advertising your business on our homepage for twelve months with a 578 x 300 pixel banner. We will help you create your advert and it can contain a link back to your website too.

Custom Advertising Packages

Here at Penistone FM, we recognise the diverse nature of local businesses in our area. If our standard advertising packages do not meet your requirements, please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss tailoring a campaign to help promote your business for a very competitive price.

If you prefer, click here to download a form so that we can contact you about your advertising needs.

If your customers don’t know you exist, how will they buy from you? Use Penistone FM to get your name and message out there!