Penistone FM Directors

Martin SugdenHR & Station Director
Martin’s role as Station and HR Director is to oversee the entire operation of the station. He arranges training and looks after our new and existing volunteers. He also now looks after compliance with OFCOM.
Andrew MillnerFund Raising, News & Website
As a not-for-profit organisation, Penistone FM can receive income from fundraising and grants. Andrew’s responsibilities are to co-ordinate and manage our activity in these areas. Andrew also looks after local news and Outside Broadcasts, and is our link with Broadcast Radio who supply our scheduling software.
Keith BarnaFinance Director
Responsible for our financial affairs and keeping them in order, Keith manages everything from income to expenditure, to ensure that the station is able to continue to maintain its upkeep and running costs.
Brian RobinsonTechnical Director
Radio relies on a lot of technology these days. Our in-house expert Brian looks after all things technical within the station, from our IT systems and infrastructure to the broadcast equipment in our studios. He is also the leader for our video section, PenFM Media.
Jo RustonAdvertising Director
Without our modest income from Advertising, the station would not exist. Jo has a vast array of experience in this field and runs her own successful business. For Penistone FM, Jo manages the relationship with existing and new clients. She also keeps a check on our Social Media interactions.
Steve DobsonSpoken Features Director
Steve manages the Job ads and Community News. He is also responsible for writing and producing most of the radio dramas, including the “Doris and Percy” feature. He has worked extensively in amateur theatre as an actor, writer and audio editor.