Annual Dawn Chorus Walk at Wharncliffe Heathlands Reserve

The walk starts at 4.30am Sunday 22nd May and will be led by Andrew Hill of Wharncliffe Heathlands Trust who will identify birds singing during the walk around the woodland and heathlands. This is a fantastic opportunity to put a name to some familiar birdsongs and also some of the rarer visitors and residents of [...]

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Wharncliffe Heathland Conservation Task

Volunteers are needed this Sunday 20th March to help with the management of Wharncliffe Heathlands  Nature Reserve. The task this weekend is controlling the thousands of birch saplings that grow in amongst the heather on the reserves. If left to grow the birch will eventually shade out the heather and the open heathland habitat will [...]

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Birch Bashing On Wharncliffe

The season for birch bashing on Wharncliffe Heathlands Nature Reserve has arrived again and volunteers are needed to help remove birch seedlings as part of the conservation work on the local reserve. The first bash will take place on Sunday 13th September from 11.00am to 4.00pm Meet at the River Don bridge on Station Road, [...]

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RSPB Old Moor and Aesops Theatre proudly present Not Such an Ugly Duckling

Sunday 30th August at 2.00pm at RSPB Old Moor Nature Reserve This is a delightful open air show. A tale of a sad, bullied and abandoned hero who discovers beauty is only skin deep. Adults £10, Children £7,  (RSPB member discount available) For Booking information: 01226 751 593 Seating is provided but picnic chairs can [...]

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The Dawn Chorus Walk

The Dawn Chorus Walk is being held at Wharncliffe Heathlands Reserve on Sunday 31st May. A dawn chorus walk on Wharncliffe Heathland Local Nature Reserve will be a great way to start to learn how to spot birds by their songs. Meet up at the River Don bridge on Station Road, Deepcar (post code S36 [...]

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Wharncliffe Heath Local Nature Reserve – Find Out What’s Happening And Why

What connects birch bashing, Shetland sheep and nightjars? The answer is the Management on Wharncliffe Heathlands Local Nature Reserve. Find out more about how the reserve is managed on a guided tour on Sunday afternoon 10th May.  Meet at the River Don bridge on Station Road, Deepcar (post code S36 2SQ) at 2.00pm if you [...]

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