Carol Bradbury reports from Penistone Town Council

Penistone Town Council is trying to track down £850,000 paid to Barnsley Council by developers of the Green Road housing scheme to provide a transport interchange at Penistone Station and managed workspaces for the town.

Mayor Steve Marsh said he had made repeated requests to find out what has happened. Some had been used for managed workspace in Spring Vale but there was £287,793 left.

Councillors were told this was being allocated to extending the post of business development manager at Barnsley Council for two years. That job is to support local companies and small businesses.

But members raised serious concerns about the money being spent in this way, especially as none of them was aware of it.

Other items discussed included:

  • The Draft Local Plan, which outlines development in Barnsley for the next 20 years, is open to public consultation until December 21, with promotions in Penistone Market Barn on Saturday November 22 from 10am to noon and on Thursday December 4 from 2-4pm at the Town Hall, Penistone. There is also a copy of the plan in the Library.
  • Questions were asked about when the hole in the High Street  pavement is likely to be mended. There are still questions as to who is responsible for repairs so this may take some time.
  • Parking at the Junction of Green Road and Mortimer road is causing major congestion, as is the junction at Green Road and Sheffield Road at Springvale, due to building works.  There were concerns that the Green Road/Mortimer Road congestion would continue to be a problem. Concerns were also raised about the width of the footpath on Mortimer Road as there does not seem to be enough room for steps to the front of the houses without further encroachment onto the pavement.
  • The Mayor and councillors representing Hoylandswaine are to meet people from Hoylandswaine, who have complained about lack of support from the council..
  • Barnsley Road is to be closed for repairs to the railway bridge this weekend. The Mayor asked that signs gave height restrictions both in feet and metres for the benefit of foreign lorry drivers.
  • “No Horizon”, the musical by Andy Platt, head of Springvale school, is to be revived and they are hoping to take it to the Edinburgh Festival. The council granted £250 towards this project.
  • The rejuvenated public toilets should be ready by early January. Funds have been allocated from grants, with none of the cost coming from the public purse.
  • The Christmas Lights switch is on Saturday December 6 at 4pm outside the Lychgate at St John’s Church. Help is needed at the Community Centre on Friday November 28 at 9.30 am to decorate the trees.
  • The Mayor’s Civic Carol Service is on Sunday December 21 at 6.30pm.