With funding from Arts Council England Barnsley Library are happy to announce they now have digital kits that can be loaned by community groups to help support digital skills and activity. This could be anything from local history group projects, job clubs, vlogging, coding and any other ideas you might have.

The kit contains;
•    Laptop
•    Tablet device with 4G data SIM
•    Video camcorder
•    Raspberry Pi
•    BBC Microbit
•    HDMI cables

Also as part of a project funded by Arts Council England, Barnsley Home Library delivery service will be able to offer tablet devices to those who are housebound and unable to get to a traditional library. Pre-downloaded with eBooks, eAudio, magazines, games and more these devices will allow people to get access to technology and become comfortable using it.

We are open to ideas and possible options to support people accessing this service such as befriending services and support groups.

Want to know more, have an idea or think you can help? Contact [email protected]