Tuesdays at Penistone Leisure centre

It’s so easy to lose yourself in those first weeks and months after having your baby. You’re so tired that fitness often takes a back seat as you concentrate on figuring out parenting and well, surviving it!

When you feel that it’s time to find your way back to fitness, there’s a brilliant class at Penistone Leisure Centre, called Squats with Tots which is perfect for when want to get your fitness back, but haven’t got childcare to cover you whilst you work out!

The class is on Tuesdays from 10-11am in the main hall, and consists of a 40 minute workout session (there are toys and games out to entertain the children who can play whilst you exercise) and the final 20 minutes is a crafty session with the kids. Everybody wins! Classes are £5 and run by Becca and Vicky.

For more information, call Penistone Leisure Centre on Barnsley 763949