On this week’s programme with Alan Coote:

What do you do if your business hits a few financial bumps in the road that you hadn’t foreseen?

We chat to a company helping businesses to bridge their cash flow problems when overdrafts aren’t an option. We are told that the UK is one of the best places to set up a business with its low corporation tax. Yet it’s reported that the likes of Starbucks and many others have avoided payment of millions in tax. What’s the solution to this problem? We chat to a specialist to find out.

When it comes to the internet, is it essential that your business has a website? Not so says one IT specialist. It turns out millions of pounds of advertising and marketing spending is being wasted by small businesses because no one is available to answer the phone when a potential customer rings. The answer (pardon the pun) is to get someone to answer it for you. That’s the job of a call answering service. I’ve been to meet the boss of one such company to find out what’s on offer.

Chris Mower has a few tips on… how to eat an elephant and now that the dust has settled after the launch of Apple Smart Watch, what is its likely use at work?

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