Penistone East had three candidates vying for a seat. The results of the election were as follows:

Paul Francis Hand-Davis*, Conservatives, 3,647
Kate Helen Raynor, Green Party, 949
Dave Webster, Labour, 1,952


Penistone West had five candidates contesting. The results of the election were:

Wayne Robert Chadburn, A Voice For The Region (Yorkshire First), 328
Jill Hayler, Labour, 2,023
Andrew Robert Millner, Conservatives, 2,385
Steve Webber, Independent, 600
David Arthur Wood, UK Independence Party (UKIP), 1,126

Andrew Robert Millner has regained the vote for the Conservatives from last year’s Labour.


Penistone Town Council results saw Oliver Denton, Judith Kimberley and Stephen Webber elected to Penistone Town Council in the Thurlstone and Millhouse ward.