Carol Bradbury reports from the January Penistone Town Council.

A large delegation were at the meeting to protest about house building in the area, although councillors stressed that Penistone Town Council had no powers to stop this, despite their efforts.

One of the group, former councillor and mayor Mick Boaler, asked whether there was any data to show Penistone had a population explosion to warrant the building. He was also concerned that jobs would be at risk if industrial sites were used for housing.

Councillors stressed that all they could do was press for better infrastructure. They were also dismayed that much of the housing would end up being executive homes.

They said developers were currently able to “buy out” the requirement to supply affordable housing and called for this practice to be stopped.

Members also called for the Inspector of Highways to look at the road situation around Penistone, including the Hartcliff Road development area.

Mr Boaler also said he had sent a letter to the council regarding plans to build a transport interchange at Lairds Way. He feared it would become a white elephant.

He was also concerned about a meeting between councillors and Steve Green, Managing Director  of Yorkshire Land, over a proposal in February 2014. Borough councillors had checked whether they should attend and a council officer was present.

  • Councillors asked what had happened to two snow blowers which were bought for Penistone and had been based at Springvale. They were told these had been moved to Hoyland. They asked for them to be brought back to Penistone.
  • Several complaints had been made over the holidays over dog waste bins not being emptied. The holiday and bad weather were blamed.
  • A speed camera had been requested for Huddersfield Road past the Grammar School.
  • Refurbishment of the town centre toilets were progressing well. There was no cost to the public purse.
  • Changes to bus services meant that the service to Upper Denby is to be dropped and services on the Sheffield route reduced.
  • A new scheme called Penistone Civic Passport is being developed by Chris North to get young people involved in the community by helping elderly residents and to gain credits for CVs. The scheme will be specifically for Penistone young people aged 17-25 who are not in employment and follows from proposals in the Community Led Plan.