At the Lamproom, Barnsley from 10 April 2018 – 14 April 2018

Fired from his skiffle band, Francis Henshall becomes minder to Roscoe Crabbe, a small time East End hood, now in Brighton to collect £6,000 from the dad of his fiancée. But Roscoe is really his sister Rachel posing as her own dead brother, who has been killed by her boyfriend Stanley Stubbers. Holed up at The Cricketers Arms, the permanently ravenous Francis spots the chance of an extra meal ticket and takes a second job with one Stanley Stubbers, who is hiding from the police and waiting to be reunited with Rachel. To prevent discovery, Francis must keep his two guvnors apart. What could be simpler!

The cast are still laughing, so this must be a really funny play; get yourself down there!

Ticket Prices: Adults £13.00, Concessions £12.00.

For more information or tickets, call the Lamproom on 01226 200075