Carol Bradbury reports from the February meeting of Penistone Town Council

Parking in the Penistone area concerned members of the public. The Green Road/Mortimer Road area and Thurlstone and Millhouse  were particular concerns.

But members were told there were only two parking wardens in the whole of Barnsley and they had to generate their own income. Penistone was not a good source of income.

They were also worried about the housing development off Hartcliff Road. Building work will be started in April, with the first houses due to be occupied by December without, councillors claimed, any consideration of road issues. One question was how construction vehicles would access the site.

The information centre at the Town Hall is to be closed as Barnsley Council has rented the property to a Confectionery and Gift Shop. Questions were asked as to where the tourist centre could be. The church was suggested as they already run one on certain days.

Councillors were also told that:

  • South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive have stopped publishing timetables and are closing the information centre in Barnsley. Bus passes will only be available online. This will be difficult for older people who do not have access to the internet. It was suggested this service be moved to the library.
  • A man living in Bluebell Avenue had complained about a 40ft trailer belonging to the Agricultural Show which is parked at the bottom of his garden.
  • Issues were raised about snow ploughing and the need to reintroduce a snow warden as pavements and roads were iced up for weeks after the snow had fallen.
  • The clerk stressed that anyone wanting to stand for the Borough or the Town Council should obtain application packs from Barnsley.
  • The Co-op bank in Penistone is to close at the end of June.