Penistone Town Hall

Monday 20th May

 The Annual Town Council Meeting is at 7pm,in the Council Chamber, Penistone Town Hall Building, Shrewsbury Road. This meeting welcomes five new members and perhaps five sets of new ideas. The public and press may attend, observe and make recordings.

The Agenda will be something like this:

  • Penistone Mayor 2019-20 Elected and inaugurated and the Deputy Mayor chosen.
  • Mayor-elect for 2019 – 2020 to be chosen.
  • Sub-committee members selected.
    • Leisure and Amenities.
    • Town Services.
    • Development and Regeneration.
    • Financial and General Purposes.
    • Planning.
  • Representatives appointed to various boards and bodies.
    • National School Trustees;
    • Samuel Wordsworth Charity
    • Yorkshire Local Councils Association
    • Hoylandswaine Almshouses
  • Annual contribution to Penistone Round Table approved (typically £5k) for the Gala, Bonfire, Hallowe’en and other community events. The RT runs public events which were formerly organised by Penistone Town Council.
  • Sub-committee Minutes,
  • Correspondence,
  • NDP progress,
  • Various reports received.

On conclusion of PTC business, a ‘Mayor-making’ gathering will follow which might involve wine and nibbles. Last year’s was at Penistone Bowling Club but it was restricted only to invited councillors.