Shakers Re-stirred starts on Tues 18th Sept for a week at 7.30pm at the Barnsley Lamproom. Tickets £13 for adults Concessions £12. Directed by the legendary Phil Shepherd!

This show follows on from the very successful, boys’ version, Bouncers, that played to sell out audiences last season, but, here come the girls……with our version of events and our outspoken opinion on things.

Shakers is the up town, place to be, and Mel, Adele, Nicky and Carol, work this bar every night! They see all the comings and goings, all the different characters and you see a hillarious yet moving insight into not only the characters themselves but every punter through the door, from the yuppies to the beauties, from the theatre goers to the football lads – its all go in Shakers!!! The re-stirred version has a lot more characters… get ready for a load more laughs than the original – and with some much needed updates the new script from John Godber brings it bang up to date!

For tickets, contact the Lamproom on 01226 200075