In Penistone Leisure Centre

SOSA (SOlo SAlsa) is a Dance Fitness Class! Lots of people love to dance- so this is a great way to keep fit for them. SOSA includes Salsa, Latin, Ballroom and other international dance styles, but you don’t have to have a partner or the confidence to go it alone.  SOSA is a class that includes authentic dance steps and body styling in a fusion of dance and fitness.

The choreography has been made easy – great songs and soundtracks!   SOSA is designed with beginners in mind- you learn the steps to a routine and then dance it – so everyone is up and dancing straight away but with some knowledge of the steps first.  For the more experienced dancers, there’s the option of advanced steps and body styling.

SOSA is open to everyone – all shapes, sizes and abilities – and all ages.  It’s about having fun and getting fit without realising it.  The routines are high-energy but low-impact and we make sure no one is left struggling at the back. SOSA Dance is at Penistone Leisure Centre on Mondays at 10.30-11.15am  and on Thursdays at 6-6.45 pm.  Classes cost £4 pay as you go, and there are loyalty cards for people who want to pay for 6 classes in advance.

To book a session or ask for more information, call 01226 763949