Town Council appoint new Councillor

On Monday night, Penistone Town Council co-opted a new councillor: Kevin Steel was appointed after receiving the most votes.

Kevin has lived in Penistone (Cubley)  for almost 20 years with his family. A former parent and community Governor at St John’s Infant school, Kevin has his own business as a Marketing and Business Development Consultant and is currently engaged on a 3 year contract with BMBC and its in-house Development Agency, the BDA.

Kevin said “I’d like to play a part in ensuring that Penistone gets a chance to achieve true localism. I don’t want to teach my Gran to suck eggs here, but isn’t Localism where town councils like ours put local residents in a position where if we have a pro-active council, an enthusiastic bunch, they can actually do more positive things than previously?”

Adding “As someone who is extremely concerned about matters in Penistone, particularly development-wise, and quite vocal recently through social media, I felt it only fair that I should put my money where my mouth is.”


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  1. Mick Boaler Jan 21, 2015 at 7:49 pm - Reply

    Community Action Penistone

    A group for people from Penistone and the surrounding area who are passionate about protecting our precious green belt land and the environment.

    Community Action Penistone making a difference and influencing change…be part of It……

    Join our group on facebook…

  2. Mark Silcock Feb 17, 2015 at 4:57 pm - Reply

    The comments I have read re the non closure of the police station seem to me to be a complete lie. I know that all the officers there have been asked if they wish to work out of Barnsley or Wombwell and these will become their permanent stations. The station may be kept ‘ OPEN’ for use by officers who have responded to an incident in the area, to use the facilities but that will be all. There will be no dedicated Penistone officers as I can assure you they will all be utilised to police incidents in Barnsley or Wombwell. Once again the population of Penistone have been lied to and not been given the full facts. The facts are the station IS closing and the area will be left without police patrols as they will only respond. THE STATION IS CLOSING.

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