On Monday night, Penistone Town Council co-opted a new councillor: Kevin Steel was appointed after receiving the most votes.

Kevin has lived in Penistone (Cubley)  for almost 20 years with his family. A former parent and community Governor at St John’s Infant school, Kevin has his own business as a Marketing and Business Development Consultant and is currently engaged on a 3 year contract with BMBC and its in-house Development Agency, the BDA.

Kevin said “I’d like to play a part in ensuring that Penistone gets a chance to achieve true localism. I don’t want to teach my Gran to suck eggs here, but isn’t Localism where town councils like ours put local residents in a position where if we have a pro-active council, an enthusiastic bunch, they can actually do more positive things than previously?”

Adding “As someone who is extremely concerned about matters in Penistone, particularly development-wise, and quite vocal recently through social media, I felt it only fair that I should put my money where my mouth is.”